Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Organization Boot Camp- 1.1

I'm participating in an online boot camp to clean up our craft rooms.  Wk1/day1 is essentially a check-in.  My room's not as bad as it could be since we've only been here 2mos and I haven't used it much to date.  However, it still has quite a bit of stuff looking for homes and such so I could use this kick in the pants to finish setting it up.

There's also a requirement to document a few goals for the entire process.  At this point, my
#1 main goal is to find homes for everything in this room and if it doesn't have a home, it doesn't belong in here.
#2 label all of my containers so it's obvious what's in them.
#3 clear the clutter from my work table PERMANENTLY.  There's stuff on this table that tends to accumulate over and over.  If it had a better home, it wouldn't be here and I'd feel like I have some space to work.

I'm not going to try to purge because I did that before we moved.  The main thing is that I need to use what I have.

9pm update- we were supposed to spend ~20min cleaning up our worktable.  I like where I went with it but I realized that all I'm really doing by succeeding here is opening up a new place for a cat to lounge.  :)

I forgot to say that this is all taking place over at Scrappily Ever After!


  1. Your room looks pretty clean already. Nice scrap space

  2. Looks like you have a nice work area. I am with you on permanently finding a home for things and using what we have. Can't wait to see what you accomplish at Boot Camp.

  3. Nice space, table top is my problem too along with placing things on the floor.

    Good Luck!

  4. great space and so much potential. good luck with boot camp.