Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mom and Dad's anniversary party with SEI's Field Notes

yeah.  long time.  old story many times told.

last month (excuse the lower case, apparently i'm in that kind of mood) i had a surprise anniversary party for my parents.  their 50th will be Dec. 23, 2016 but 1. NO way NO how i'm trying to hold a party like that around Christmas and 2. mom's dementia is progressing quickly and in two years, i'm not sure she'd enjoy seeing friends and family anywhere near as much.  so.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE sei's "field notes" line and have accumulated more of it than i care to admit. some of it i picked up for 25sheets/$5 so who can blame a girl?!

There were the invites and the jars I already posted about:

Then there were the favor boxes with butterfly attracting wildflower seeds in them:

And the banner (unfortunately the colors were lost in this photo.)

There's also an album I made for them that has pictures of them as children, wedding photos, and photos from the party.  It also has a notes to them from the most of the invitees and pictures of those folks, most with mom and/or dad in the photos with them.  When I sent the invites, I also sent cards for them to write the notes on and a request for photos of them, preferably with mom and/or dad in it also.  It makes for a great after-party remembrance.