Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giveaways ending 11/1-11/8

Babes & Kids: This is another of those sites that I find I frequently have giveaways entries at.  Nice stuff!
They've got two REALLY big ones right now:
Leapster  That's right, Babes & Kids is giving away a Leapster learning system.  It looks like this would be great for the pre-school to grade school aged kid who is happy to play learning games, particularly since a lot of them appear to have licensed characters in them (Kai Lan, Star Wars, etc.)
Leapfrog Tag  In addition to that Leapster system, B&K is also giving away a Tag reading system.  This is the "older brother" of the Tag, Jr. system which I know is a very nice gadget.  My son and I have played with the Jr. and it's definitely going to be a popular item here.  There are over 25 books available for the Tag system making it something that won't get old fast.

Born2Impress: I'm a big fan of this site because of the great reviews and giveaways, cute girls' accessories, and oh yeah, it's where I won my very first giveaway!  :)
Delicae Gourmet GC  Born2Impress is giving away a gift certificate for Delicae Gourmet, an online shop that specializes in gourmet sauces and dressings among other things.  I thought that a $20 GC wouldn't go very far but Delicae Gourmet is very reasonably priced!

Divvies: You can win a 3gal. popcorn tin from a rather unique candy shop- they specialize in candies and sweets while considering food allergies.  The munchies look spectacular!

Your Baby Can Read  Honestly, I'd seen the commercials on TV and thought, "Nuh uh.  No WAY!" but the more I hear about this, the more I think there's something to it.  While I wouldn't necessarily want an infant learning to read (there are limits to "pushing" to me), I think that if it could help a reading-aged child make more sense of the words, it's got potential.

The Bragging Mommy
The winner of this giveaway gets their choice of kids' BabyBanz, some really nice looking sunglasses.  Baby Banz are best known for their unique wrap-around, banded design and 100% UV protective lenses.

Someone will win a pack of 5 Kid Konserve Food Kozies in their choice of lime green or orange.  I LOVE these!  The "convenient 13" round circles are made of recycled, FDA approved, non-toxic, non-leaching, recyclable PE plastic. They contain no Bisphenol-A or Phthalates."  Essentially, you just wrap them around your sandwich, fruit, veggies, cookies, whatever.  Then just wash them up and do it all over again. 

Frugal Creativity
There's a 4-pk of winter flavored SoftLips lip balms going to the winner here.  In addition to these limited edition flavors, SoftLips carries some unusual ones like Chai Tea, Papaya, and Acai Berry.

The Otherhood
There's a new outdoor game on the market called Djubi and Otherhood is giving one away.  It's a neat cross between a ball being launched a standard butterfly-net style catch.

The Veater Family
There are two great jewelry giveaways at the Veater Family blog right now. 
The first is for New Fashioned Whispers.  This is an etsy shop and has some really fantastic looking pieces, many of which have, as you may guess from the shop name, a new but old-fashioned look to them. 

The second giveaway is for Joolwe Jewelry.  While this is more traditional jewelry, there's a wide selection and they have an interesting program that I haven't heard of at many jewelry stores- every dollar spent earns you points towards free jewelry. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More MomStart giveaways! (Ending 11/2-11/9)

MomStart has a great list of giveaways happening right now including these 3...

My Yoga To Go  This product is made for anyone who needs to brush up on their yoga poses or just come up with a new routine and MomStart is giving one away.  It looks like it would also be nice for someone who's just dabbled in yoga and could use a small "cheat sheet" nearby.  (Not that I would know anyone like that, of course!) 

$100 Visa Gift Card  Along with Scott's Common Sense Community's "Change for the Better" push, MomStart is giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Bake-Me-A-Wish Cake  I've seen these as giveaways on quite a few sites and MomStart is offering it again!  Not only does the company give cakes to soldiers overseas, but they're also have a "Mortage Apple Cake."
5% of your Mortgage Apple Cake order will be donated to GreenPath Debt Solutions,
a nationwide non-profit consumer credit counseling service that helps people resolve
financial problems, achieve financial goals and get relief from debt since 1961

Did I mention the cakes look fanTABulous!?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Giveaways ending 10/26-10/31

But wait!  There's more!!
"Clorox wants to help you Say Boo To the Flu. With the CDC predicting a very bad flu season everyone seems to be on high alert. Families Fighting Flu (a group of parents who have lost a child to the flu), Visiting Nurse Associations of America and Clorox have teamed up yet again to help families Say “Boo!” to the Flu and help keep flu prevention as simple as possible."
In support of this, MomStart is giving away a chance to win a Chlorox gift pack if you pledge to get a flu shot- not a bad tradeoff since many of us are planning to get shots this year any way!

MomStart also has a giveaway for the Wii game "30 Great Games Outdoor Fun" which I've heard is pretty good.  I'd love to give this one a try!

Brown Paper Packages is giving away a really cute brown paper bag scrapbook of the winner's choice

Scrapmaster's Paradise is giving away a great Elmer's Glue prize!  I won an Elmer's "Extra Strength Glue Stick" from Samantha earlier this year and I LOVE the stuff!

MNM Special has a few giveaways going on too. 
The first is for a Yoplait Yogurt prize pack.  I don't think I need to tell you what Yoplait is all about!  :)

The second is for a Funky Monkey variety pack.  Funky Monkey is a brand of air dried fruit snacks that I think the kiddies would love!

See Kai Run giveaway at MomStart

I won a pair of See Kai Run shoes for my son earlier this year and they're great!  While I was hoping for arch support that they don't appear to have, they are well padded inside to give nice shock absorbancy.  MomStart is giving away a pair of See Kai Run (their bigger boys' style) or Smaller (little boys' style) on Nov. 10.  Personally, I think "Justin" is a great style!

They look like really cute blue bowling shoes to me.  :)

Good luck!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mommy PR giveaways ending 10/26-10/29

I'm telling you.  This site is FANTASTIC and they've got a load of amazing giveaways (and motivational articles and informative articles... they have it ALL!)

There are quite a few giveaways that I found interesting on their site:
Dunecraft Medieval Herber   Dunecraft makes great kids' stuff and there's a giveaway for a medieval castle that kids grow herbs in and around.  VERY cute for the kids into fantasy!

ELK shoes for kids- I'd never heard of them previous to this but they look great!

Avery's DIY Organizational Package   Lot's of labels and tabs to help you get organized- key if you have a room used for crafts, the office, and a spare bedroom all-in-one like I do!


Pluma Down  Now THIS is a giveaway.  One lucky person is going to win a down comforter and two others will win 2 down pillow each!  This is a MUST enter!

Tastefully Simple  If you're familiar with this company you'll know why it's such a great giveaway.  Tastefully Simple is a company that offers their products through home party sales and has a great line of all types of foods- appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, breads, and a good number of soups.

Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer Express  This is an AWESOME giveaway.  Juicers don't come cheap and JackLalanne is quite the name!  It would be great to get fresh fruit and veggie juice without getting scraps of fruit and juice all over the place while using a hand squeezer!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giveaways ending TODAY

An AWESOME looking Shrinky Dinks (LOVE 'EM) Halloween set at Gobs of Giveaways

The Gooseberry Patch Cookbook "Super Fast Slow Cooking" at the Speedy Gourmet

The Gooseberry Patch Cookbook "Autumn with Family and Friends" at Snafood

A great pair of Livie & Luca kids' shoes of the winner's choice over at Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with Strings

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giveaways ending TODAY

Mommy PR always has some fantastic giveaways running and I've happily won quite a few great prizes there.  The giveaway ending tonight is for Colonial Candle.  If you have a few minutes, check it out to win these great Halloween goodies.