Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A final few giveaways...

Before the holiday rolls us all over...

SAHM is giving away a $30 GC to Walmart.  Definitely a nice thing this time of year!

Gobs of Giveaways is giving away 2 kid's Munchie Mugs with gripper lids so the tykes are a little less likely to dump the contents on the floor, in the car, on the sofa, in the chair... not that I would know.

Chakra/Yoga- related jewely: Someone is going to win a $50 GC to Shanti Botique.  Even if you're not into yoga and such, they've got beautiful pieces!

Someone else is going to win a cute kid's umbrella from Kidorable (they have really cute lines of kids rain gear!)

Finally, someone is going to win a linen and bamboo tote bag from Bambooya.

Monday, November 23, 2009

MORE giveaways happening

Gobs of Giveaways is giving away ID Me Labels- Perfect for the tots in daycare or elementary school!

The Speedy Gourmet is giving away a Century of Flavor Cookbook: A cookbook from Nielson-Massey Vanillas!  I can only imagine how divine the recipes in this one must be!

MNM Special:
YourPictureBook: Not only does personalize the book with a child's name, they actually include illustrations based on a photo of the child!  They also have DVDs, posters, and coloring pages!

Pretty Please Press Books:  The books not only contain values lessons such as working towards dreams and behaving, they also have vocabulary and concept cards and lesson plans!

Day Counter: How long have those green beans been in your refrigerator?  The lunch meat?  This handy little device from Days Ago will tell you.  They have 3 different counters- magnetic, rubber banded, and suction-cupped to work with all types of containers.  Obviously, the counter can be reset!

Reusable shopping bag & Sunsweet coupon:  As part of their Pop-a-Prune promotion, Sunsweet has paired with MomStart to give 5 readers reusable bags and coupons good for 1 Sunsweet item!

Portable Hard Drive: Seagate makes portable hard drives perfect for backing up all types of media external to the computer.  Great for families like mine using a 7yr-old computer!

Fabric Creations is giving away a $25 GC to both Target and ToysRUs!  What else needs to be said?!

Living Smart Girl:
[me]&goji Cereal: You've got to check this out!  YOU pick what goes in your cereal and we're not talking about Lucky Charms here!  Cranberries, Blueberries, Goji berries, granola, etc.!

Samples Box: Out of the Box Sampler sells boxes of samples- bath items, candles, etc.  You never know what you're going to get but they're supposed to be great!

Brown Paper Packages is giving away a $100 GC to Hot Mama!  They make some fantastic looking personalized jewelry!

MudBug is offering up a Bumbleride Indie stroller!  I'd love to get one of these- the 3 wheel stroller has become VERY appealing now that we struggle with the 4 wheels because someone grows HEAVY!

DIY is offering up 10 amazing handmade items or GCs to stores selling handmade items!  This is an ongoing giveaway- the sign up takes place over almost a month with daily entries!

Tinahdee is giving away one of her fabulous handmade rings or bracelets- you decide which when you sign up for this one!

LOTS more giveaways from Born2Impress!

Toucan Tree Puzzle: An ImagiPLAY painted wooden puzzle.  The company uses eco-friendly sources!

Holey Donuts: As I mentioned in my previous MommyPR post, Holey Donuts makes low-fat donuts, something you don't find at Dunkin' Donuts!

Personalized holiday gift Frecklebox makes personalized items like puzzles and books.

Crystal Nail Files Classy Nail Files makes highly-tempered glass nail files with cute little pictures or colors swatches on them.

Tote Bag  Bored, Inc. has a full line of tongue-in-cheek kids' clothes and totes.

Surprise Giftbox Personalized Parcels offers theme gifts, the specifics of which are a surprise.  Themes range from "Birthday" to "Animal Arrival" to "Family Fun" to "Special Spouse Surprise!"

Baby Blanket Neige Children's Clothes is giving away a fantastically soft looking blanket!

Novelty Tshirt  Crazy Dog Tshirts has great selection of fun shirts with images like 80's TV shows and movies, cute/snarky sayings and even somewhat crass commentary.

Wallet  All-ETT makes exceptionally thin wallets

Creative Kit for Kids Faber Castel makes a whole range of great creative kits for kids.  They're giving away 5 kits with Born2 Impress: Wee Enchanted Garden, Shrinky Dinks (YES, Shrinky Dinks!) Holiday Fun, Beaded Snowflake Ornament Set, Mini Window Sill Garden (complete with gnome from the look of it!) and Monster Trucks Custom Shop.

Magnetic Game  The playing pieces in Jishaku are made of hematite which is naturally magnetic.  That makes placing your piece and the affect it has on neighboring pieces an interesting twist to any version of  play you decide to use this game for!

Frosty the Snowman Directly from Build-a-Bear, a completed, musical snowman!

Talking 1st Aid Kit  Intelligent First Aid has made 1st aid kits not only useful to have, but even helpful- they actually talk you through delivering 1st aid based on the type of emergency you're facing!

Shawl  Nimli Organic Clothing Company is giving away a Azuri Cashmere Pashimina Shawl in black.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

LOTS of MommyPR giveaways happening soon!

Sampler of Holey Donuts: Holey Donuts is a company that makes great-looking donuts that are low-fat!  Who thought it was possible!?!

Personalized CDName Your Tune creates made-to-order musical CDs.  The CD has 14 songs personalized for each child.

Leapfrog ZippityThe LeapFrog Zippity is one of the newest LeapFrog learning systems.  It's interactive and looks to keep the kids moving and active.  I'd love to have one of these for the long winter days coming up!

Sunny Day CD:  Julie K. has put out a new children's musical CD and MommyPR is giving one away!

Activity Books for the Kids: Peter Pauper Press and Mommy PR are giving out 3 different kids' activity books.  In addition to really great and attention-grabbing kids' items, Peter Pauper also offers gifts, journals, calendars, stationery and other related items for adults.

Lenovo IdeaPad U350: This one is fantastic.  Mommy PR and Lenovo are giving away a laptop.  What else do I need to say?   Oh, you want more?  5.29lb., 13.3" LCD screen, 3G memory + 320G hard drive, identity verification...

$25 to Sprout Baby: Sprout Baby carries a fantastic array of baby foods, snacks, reusable food containers, and healthy cleaning supplies to name a few!

Sit-on Animal: HearthSong is a great company offering some really fantastic toys for kids.  Once Liam is older, he'll definitely be getting a set of Connectagons!  This drawing is for something that should definitely catch the attention of the little ones- a large sit-on animal!  I'm personally partial to the pinto!  (You can choose from the pinto, brown horse, donkey and elephant!)

RCA Small Wonder EZ207 Video Camera: Yep!  Another big one!  An RCA video camera!  For someone like me who never bothered to get a video camera but frequently wonders if we should have, this would be great!  It's small, compact and can capture up to 8hrs of video on an SD card!

The Gift for the Inuksuk: Sleeping Bear Press gives away quite a few books at MommyPR.  I've been lucky enough to win a few and I think they're all definitely worth having.  While it'll be another year or two before I let Liam at them on his own, I've been happy to share them with him already.  This one is a fictional tale describing the "relationship between the stone figures (Inuksuk) and the Inuit people."

Flying Airplane Kit: Brooklyn 5 and 10 is giving someone one of their Artful Flyer kits.  Given that they have some really nice throwback types of toys, this looks like a real winner and something that could be safely thrown IN the house to boot!

Alphabet Cards: A great old-fashioned alphabet/letters flashcard set from Challenge & Fun.

Sampler Basket: Mayfair Lane is giving a MommyPR reader a great sampler basket of their items.  They've got some really nice clips and reusable bags!  This looks like a great way to give them a try!

Cookbook: After reading some of Holly's recipes, I love the thought of checking out her books.  Freezer Friendly Meals sounds right up my alley since I love to cook in advance and tend to make more than we want in one week. 

Customized Binder: Avery and Zazzle have teamed up to create binders completely customized to the purchaser's needs.  I'd LOVE to use these to get my craft and office area cleaned up and looking coordinated!

$25 to Hallmark: Did you know Hallmark now has digital scrapbooks?  Personalizable cards?  Recordable books?!  Such an amazing extension to their lineup!