Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Organization Boot Camp- 3.3

End of week 3 wrap-up for the Scrappily Ever After Organizational Boot Camp!  As I mentioned on Monday, I was pretty happy with my coloring tools, they just needed to be tightened up a bit and some labelling done.

In the end, I moved everything out of the cabinet and into the drawer units.  I was going to keep all of my markers together but decided it would be better to make a drawer of the occasionally-used...

and a drawer of the frequently-used.  The nice thing was that while doing this, I discovered that some colored pencils I've had for YEARS (can you say they were my mom's?!) aren't just colored pencils but watercolor pencils.  WHOO HOO!  That discovery definitely broadens my watercolor pencil spectrum!  I've used them as colored pencils in the past but at the time, didn't even know they made watercolor pencils.  I got the WC pencils I have now WAY back in college and didn't use them much until the last few years.  I've often regretted not having more colors but didn't want to get more coloring tools when I already had what I do.  Silly me. 

I also spent some time finally labelling the rest of my ink pads.  I knew it had been a while since I did the first batch but the Word doc I used was from '07.  A bit longer than I thought.  Definitely an improvement, esp. the non-SU ink pads that all look identical from the side.  Maybe I'll actually use some of them now!  Imagine!


  1. how great that you found some hidden treaures and congrats on completing the labeling task of your ink pads.

  2. Great job. And you found some jewels. As soon as I get an organizer, I'm going to label mine too. TFS!

    Christel a.k.a. Scrappin' Sista

  3. I can tell you put some time into it. I love the pretty labels on the drawers. I'll have to try something like that.

  4. Love your drawer labels, I will have to add that task to my to do list. Still working on updating my paper Notebooks, but they are cute now.

    Glad you found the pencils, it always makes a cleaning task more fun!