Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giveaways ending soon

6 readers are each going to get 6 pieces of Rosa's Fudge over at Living Smart Girl.  Rosa's has 22 flavors and they look FANTASTIC!  With that many flavors, you can find the typical ones like Chocolate, Maple, and Peanut Butter and uncommon ones such as Chocolate Coffee, Chocolate Strawberry, and Pina Colada.

Living Smart Girl is also giving away 2 "Out of the Box" samplers.  This is a sampler of all kinds of handmade goodies from a variety of different companies (think candles, bath products, cat toys, snacks, etc.)   This giveaway is great if you're a blogger because to enter, you have to put a link to this giveaway on your blog and let YOUR readers know that they too can enter by re-blogging, much as I'm doing here.  :)  After you blog, you just leave a comment with your blog link on LSG's post.

Gone Coupon Crazy is doing 10 weeks of giveaways and this is the first week.  This week's winner will get a great tote bag (I know, I've bought two of them!) filled with a surprise!  Definitely something to check out and keep an eye on the next few months!

MNMSpecial has a $35 Jiffy Lube gift card to giveaway.  Who COULDN'T use that?!  There's a quick and rather handy quiz you'll take over at Jiffy Lube's website to enter this one and personally, I'd suggest taking it even if you're NOT entering the giveaway.  It definitely has some eye-opening info!

Skin MD Natural is giving away a great looking Valentine's basket full of their products.  This one really appeals to me because of my eczema!  Skin MD has some products that are supposed to work well for skin conditions such as that.

The Musing Mommies do a weekly blogcast and are giving listeners a chance to win a mystery box.  You just need to listen to a podcast and leave a review on iTunes as to what you think.  I personally think you'll be back for more!  They're entertaining, informative and most importantly to me, down-to-earth.
44th Street Fabric, a nice etsy shop, is giving away 3yds of cute fabrics for a reader who takes part in a VERY quick scavenger hunt (think 3min).

Dandy Giveaway is giving a reader a $25 GC to the Homestead Company, a natural skincare company.  I was just looking at their site and would have NO problem spending $25.  They've got a nice range of products from diaper creams to lotions to spa items.

The Trendy Treehouse is giving away a copy of Wordtoons.  It introduces doodling where you doodle a word into a picture of what the word represents.  (Picture turning the word "dog" into a picture of a dog.)  This is a great one for parents working with kids on new words!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Upcoming MommyPR giveaways

Fraiche: Talk about some FANTASTIC looking bath items.  The scents at Fraiche run the gammut from Bare Naked to Squeaky Clean to Hu-la and everything in between!  The winner gets 3 bars of soap and triple with 3 swizzles of their choice!

Tech4o Accelerator Watch:  It's a great-looking watch by Tech4o that records your step-count for the day, a great idea if you're trying to lose weight (no, not me!  never!  well... maybe a pound or 40...)  It actually stores up to 10 days of workout history and even "calibrates your walking and running stride for an even more accurate record and approximate number of calories burned!"  NICE!  And it's pretty sexy to boot!

Fundex Games Set: It's set of 3 Fundex games for a range of ages.  There's Musical Hot Potato, which we all know but now has been "formalized" and takes care of the music by itself, Mouse Match, a cute color matching game, and A to Z, Jr. a great word game.

Gourmet Basket: This is for the winner's choice of 3 great looking spa-type baskets by  The choices are Bath & Snack, Complete Hand Care, and Complete Foot Care.  It's a hard one to choose and these are only 3 of an enormous number of baskets they have available!

BabyPop Cape: I have to say, I'd LOVE to get a BabyPop Cape for Liam!  These are SO cute for ANY kid that likes to dress up as some sort of superhero.  While the giveaway is for a cape, they also have matching masks, gloves and tshirts to make the ensemble complete!  Awesome!

Wonder Hangers (+ Twin Draft Guard!): Here's something that would definitely help clean up those cluttered closets! (Again, not that I'd know ANYTHING about that!  I'm simply a source of information!  Really!  You're not buying it are you?)  Essentially, you hang the Wonder Hangers out on your closet rod, hang 5 items from them, and then remove one end from the rod.  The result is that instead of everything hanging on the rod, 80% of your items now hang down from one point, helping to consolidate it.

Twin Draft Guard (+ Wonder Hangers!): The Twin Draft Guard doesn't just sit by the edge of your window to block drafts, it actually goes under the window and sandwiches the bottom edge to fully block the draft from both the outside and inside.  This would be great for any house that has windows that don't have perfect seals.

Thymes Body Products: This is for a pack of what look like 4 great products by Thymes: Essentials Hand Lotion, Essentials Foot Scrub, a Bath Salts Envelope, and a Triple-Milled Soap.  These are all made with essential oils and natural ingredients!

All Angel Gifts: All Angel Gifts sells worry stones that are hand-painted and finished.  They come in a range of designs from religious angels and crosses to 4-leaf clovers to ones that you customize with your own photo.

Finn McCool and S is for Shamrock: MommyPR frequently has drawings for Sleepy Bear Press books and here's another one.  4 winners will receive either Finn McCool and the Great Fish or S is for Shamrock: An Ireland Alphabet (2 winners for each book).  I've won several of the Sleepy Bear Press books and love them all.  While Liam's a bit young for several of them, I can't wait to introduce them to him because they're such engaging stories and alphabets and illustrated beautifully!


Wat-aah Gift Set: Wat-aah is a line of premium waters for kids!  The intent is to help with the issue of youth obesity by getting kids to drink something other than sugared beverages.  The water comes in 4 varieties (Brain, Bones, Energy & Body) and has a loud-mouthed cartoon kid as a spokesperson- something all kids should be able to get into.

Miss Oops Butter Hands: What can you say but, "It's like buh-tah!"  Miss Oops' Butter Hands is a buttery lotion that helps moisturize dry skin.  As a side note, I highly suggest taking a look at the Miss Oops site and reading the product names and descriptions for a good chuckle.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Card

I thought I'd enter a few challenges I've seen posted so this card is what I'm going out the door with... and my hubby will see it on Feb. 14.  Nothing like a card with multiple purposes!

The pink and red papers are from Stampin' Up (PLEASE don't ask me what colors they are!)  The black spotted paper is from an MME pack.  The hearts were cut on my Cricut from the "George" cartridge, stamped with SU's "Antique Background" and embossed with a shimmery/silvery clear powder.  They were then sliced apart with Sizzix's "Puzzle Maker 2".  The text was printed on the computer and though it's hard to see, the one red puzzle piece and the sentiment are popped off the card with dimensionals.