Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Organization Boot Camp- 1.2

Today's goal was to "take 15-20 minutes and clean one box, basket, bin, cupboard, or area of your craft room."  It doesn't seem like much but I took the time to clean out one of the two storage cubes under my Cricut.  It's full of 12x12 designer/print papers and it was FULL.  Unfortunately so full that I didn't like trying to get anything in or out of it.  I picked up a few pieces of paper this morning at a local scrap shop and realized that I didn't want to try to put them away because the cabinet was too tight- great reason to do some work on it.  I took two thick pads out of it and alternated chunks of print papers (organized by color) with plastic holders of themed (Halloween, kids, Valentine's, etc.) papers.  It sounds a little strange but it's easy to find color groupings or themed papers this way- it's not just one huge pile of all colors now.

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