Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I know it's been a while but...

So around the beginning of Sept. we found out we were going to put our house on the market and move to NC ASAP.  In the 10wks after that, we put it on the market, countered and accepted a bid, ebayed/freecycled/yard saled/gave away more than I thought possible, packed up, lived in 3 hotels/houses for a bit over a week, moved into the new digs almost a week ago, cleaned up, had all of the necessities installed, had our stuff delivered (unexpectedly a day earlier than we thought) and have partially unpacked.  I DESPERATELY need to find pre-school/daycare for the Beast because he's becoming truly beastly without a schedule and no one to play with.  We also haven't had a break from each other since before Halloween so we could BOTH use it.  I think I'm off to get a YMCA membership tomorrow morning- I can check him in there for a few hours while I come back to the house and unpack and he get to meet to kids and wear out a bit (there's been a serious lack of naps recently which isn't helping anyone!)  Basically, it's a daycare/pre-school set up without officially being either one.  Maybe I'll even treat myself to a yoga class tomorrow... but probably not.  Maybe next week when more boxes are behind me.