Sunday, February 14, 2016

5 Minute PTI card

The challenge was to gather things in 5min and use it all. Given that I only had a few minutes, I just grabbed a few things and tried to finish in 5min.

PTI Thank You Card

I love one of the PTI challeges- to create a thank you note to be sent to the PTI warehouse staff. They definitely deserve a thank you as do so many other behind-the-scenes staff groups. I'm going to get this into the mail tomorrow (saying it goes with the ice they're calling for tonight.)

If you're wondering the bizarre, cool glow behind her head is just the way the sun came through the paper there- pretty nifty. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hubby's Birthday Card

Then of course there's the hubby's bday card. This one I flat out like. We're all into the Marvel superhero movies that have been coming out and DH is SO psyched that we can go catch Deadpool tomorrow night (Yay well-timed TKD Movie Night that will keep the monster entertained for a few hours so we can do our thing!)

I needed a card for him and one of Papertrey Ink's 9th Anniversary challenges was to use nine 1.5" squares on a 5.5x5.5" card front, each decorated differently. Voila!


First Batch of Valentine's Cards

Yep. Still here. It's been a wild ride the past few months. I've done some crafting that I'll post later but between the holidays, my mom passing away from dementia the week before Christmas, a much needed trip to FL, mostly Universal Studios (the Harry Potter areas are simply amazing), testing for my Taekwando black belt, and dealing with an 8yr old who answers "no" to everything and then thinks about it and considers sassing his mom on a constant basis an acceptable pasttime, I haven't been hitting the blog much the past few months. Sorry.

So. Here's this year's batch. Some I like more than others but that's just the way it goes sometimes. I would have liked the one with vellum more if I could have gotten the bloody stuff to go flat!