Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Organization Boot Camp- 3.1

Here we go on the 3rd week.  I'm still quite happy with where my room is right now.  I just finished my glitterbird card and my workspace is almost completely clear of any left over detritus.  Yay! 

So this week, we move onto cleaning up our coloring tools.  Mine are pretty well organized BUT that organization is a bit scattered across the room.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I can change that much due to the space I have to work with.

My Copics are on my worktable in a container in a storage bag.  I'm going to get a Copics divided storage unit this weekend if the shop I'm going to has them.  I'd like to store them on their sides rather than standing up so nothing dries out.  There's also my sole bottle of Glimmermist at the end of the bag.

I keep what I can in one of my storage drawers.  These tend to be my more frequently used coloring tools- fine Sharpies (will likely move with the rest of the Sharpies), chalks, watercolor pencils (LOVE these), Plume pens, small containers of glittery paint, etc.  I would like to go through this and figure out what should be here (if anything) and what should be in the cabinet.

The container on the next shelf down has all of my acrylics and paint brushes in it.
There's a shelf in my cabinet where I have my larger Sharpies and watercolor crayons (LOVE these!!).  They're just too big to fit in the drawer with the other items.  I also have pastel chalks, colored pencils, crayons, etc. in the pink basket.  I don't use them often and actually plan to give them to my son eventually.  For now, I keep them there to protect them from him (he's 3) and keep them together and organized.  They are used ocassionally.

My ink pads are in an old cassette rack.  1. it works well though they're a bit long to fit perfectly and 2. these made for a good reason to finally part with all of my 80's cassettes that I wasn't doing anything with last year when I decided this is how I wanted to store my ink pads.  :)  There are a few on top that won't fit in the shelves.  I do need to go through and finish labeling my ink pads.  I've gotten quite a few more since I last did that exercise and there are quite a few non-SU ones that I can't even guess at the colors unless I pull them out.


  1. I love your cassette tape idea, though I don't think most of mine would fit either. Especially all the cat's eyes!

    Good luck cleaning!

  2. great job keeping everything together. I really like the cassette tape shelf you're using for the pads.

  3. I like the large tags you have for labels on the drawers. Those are the same kinds of items I store in drawers too. Great way to store the stamp pads!