Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Organization Boot Camp- 2.2

As I mentioned previously, this week was all about cleaning up our paper stash.  Since I'd already started that last week, this week was a matter of details.  I reorgainzed it all a smidge more, incorporated the SEI and Abbey Road papers I received, and redid some of my labelling.  I didn't do too much with the scrap box except to make sure what was there should be.  It's worked very well the way it is and I haven't come up with a better system so I'm leaving well-enough alone for now.

There was also a daily task yesterday of cleaning up our workspace again. I've been trying to be better about that on a daily basis- when I'm done a project, I clean it all up and start from scratch for the next one. It tends to only take about 5min but make a huge difference in the overall sanity of the room.  This before picture is the morning after I finished the 9 circle layout, ink, paint and all.

Before (can you tell where I had lunch?):
A few minutes later:


  1. oh if only my desk looked that messy after I complete a project. instead, mine looks like a tornado has gone across it.