Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

1. What is your favorite food?
Back to the wall, one favorite... Thai Red Curry.  It could be shrimp, chicken, beef, tofu, mussels... I don't care.

2. What color scheme is your bedroom?
We bought a house with 40+ cans of paint in the garage.  Yeah.  No kidding.  Luckily, the previous owner had GREAT taste in decorating.  Our room is a taupey-brown with a white ceiling so we added a brown and turquoise theme through curtains and bedspread.

3. Do you carry a donor card?
Yep- it's on my driver's license.

4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?
I'm more pessimistic than I'd like.  Most of the time I think it's shattered on the floor.

5. Vanilla or Chocolate?
Funny thing is, I don't like plain chocolate.  I worked at M&M Mars for 10+ years and when I worked at the office where the actual M&M's plant was, I HATED the smell.  I also was one of the original 13 Dove Chocolate at Home (Dove Chocolate Discoveries now) home consultants (should have stayed with that one, no?  Imagine the downline!), part of the reason I got out was I HATED the smell of melting chocolate.  That said, I will chew your arm off to get to a piece of chocolate covered fruit.  I love chocolate cake, rocky road ice cream, brownies... seriously dislike chocolate ice cream, can't stand chocolate chip cookies...  I wish I understood it.


  1. OMG-- I would have gained 15 pounds by working there!

    Sounds like we have the same taste in color in our bedrooms. :)

    Nice to meet you.

  2. I'm a half glass full kind of person. Have a great week.