Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

1. What is your favorite yogurt flavor?
Hmmm... Key Lime? Raspberry? Lots of possibilities there.

2. Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??
White ankle socks. I'm much too casual for anything else. In the winter with my Sketchers, I will wear nifty cotton, colored, print mid-calf socks for a change of pace.

3. How is the weather right now?
This evening's storm finally broke the mid-90 degree temps we've had for 2-3wks. This week is supposed to be mostly low-80's. Still warm for someone who prefers 40-60 degree days but it's an improvement if only temporary.

4. Are you a fast typer?
I don't know my typing speed but after numerous college papers, a Master's thesis, and many years in documentation, to put it simply, yep.

5. Red or White Wine?
As long as it's not dry, pretty much anything. I used to like dessert wines- that sweet. I've backed off of that but I still like a touch of sweetness. And oaky/woody flavors... ummm... I may as well lick a tree. :)


  1. Jen, you need to come & visit me. It's winter here but its not that cold at the moment :)

  2. Hopped over from Meet Me Monday. Pleased to meet you and follow along. Hugs!

  3. 40-60 degree days...brrr. We had storms too that finally broke the heat and humidity. I'd prefer it be around 65-70. :0)


  4. Stopping by from MMOM! I'm in NC glad the hot temps have left us for a little while!!

  5. Hopping over here from MMOM. I loved looking at some of the cards you have made. That new stamp of the girl used on the summer card is too cute! Have a great week!