Friday, November 6, 2009

Upcoming Giveaways

The Bragging Mommy
Pirate Mr. Potato Head: aka. Capt. Potato Chips!  How can you NOT love Hasbros' Mr. Potato Head,  particularly in pirate garb!  I recently bought Liam a Mr. Potato Head and it's been his favorite toy.  I've already been thinking about getting some of these "supplemental" outfits to beef (spud) up his wardrobe and this is a great one.

UV Skinz (winner's choice): While this is more of a summer item unless you're taking a winter "fun-in-the-sun getaway", it's still a great one.  UV Skinz carries very trendy looking UV blocking shirts and bottoms for the whole family.

$25 GC for has some great toys that would be instant Christmas hits.  Among other amazing things, they have a full line of HABA toys which I think are some of the most fantastic (and unfortunately pricey, though you get what you pay for) items out there.

Things Remembered Car Snowglobe: I know that I sometimes forget Things Remembered as an everyday giftshop but that have some great stuff.  This race car snowglobe is an example of that- how cute!  Liam would LOVE this... though he's not likely to be able to put his little mitts on it anytime soon without a LOT of supervision!

Klutz Encylopedia of Immaturity, Vols. 1&2: The Klutz series of kits and books never ceases to amaze me.  Whenever I see a spinny rack of theirs, I have to stop and look to see what they've come up with now.  There's always something new and fun!  They've put out 2 volumes of fun activities and projects, one geared to kids 10 and up and one to the younger set.

Kikkoman Gift Pack: Just in time for Thanksgiving, MomStart and Kikkoman are giving away a gift pack that contains everything from a $25GC for a turkey to turkey recipes for the mountain of leftovers that always seems to exist no matter how many people stuffed themselves at the table to "A Kikkoman Duck for your kids to play with as you prepare the turkey."  What a great pack of goodies!

Unilever Goodies & Samples: Unilever and MomStart are giving away a box of assorted products likely to include Dove, Vaseline, and QTips.  This is a great way to try out new products without spending a fortune to decide if you like it or not!

Chocolate A Love Story:  This is a book about a man, Max Brenner, and his company.  It's a story, photobook, and recipe book all in one.  How can that be bad?

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