Monday, November 23, 2009

MORE giveaways happening

Gobs of Giveaways is giving away ID Me Labels- Perfect for the tots in daycare or elementary school!

The Speedy Gourmet is giving away a Century of Flavor Cookbook: A cookbook from Nielson-Massey Vanillas!  I can only imagine how divine the recipes in this one must be!

MNM Special:
YourPictureBook: Not only does personalize the book with a child's name, they actually include illustrations based on a photo of the child!  They also have DVDs, posters, and coloring pages!

Pretty Please Press Books:  The books not only contain values lessons such as working towards dreams and behaving, they also have vocabulary and concept cards and lesson plans!

Day Counter: How long have those green beans been in your refrigerator?  The lunch meat?  This handy little device from Days Ago will tell you.  They have 3 different counters- magnetic, rubber banded, and suction-cupped to work with all types of containers.  Obviously, the counter can be reset!

Reusable shopping bag & Sunsweet coupon:  As part of their Pop-a-Prune promotion, Sunsweet has paired with MomStart to give 5 readers reusable bags and coupons good for 1 Sunsweet item!

Portable Hard Drive: Seagate makes portable hard drives perfect for backing up all types of media external to the computer.  Great for families like mine using a 7yr-old computer!

Fabric Creations is giving away a $25 GC to both Target and ToysRUs!  What else needs to be said?!

Living Smart Girl:
[me]&goji Cereal: You've got to check this out!  YOU pick what goes in your cereal and we're not talking about Lucky Charms here!  Cranberries, Blueberries, Goji berries, granola, etc.!

Samples Box: Out of the Box Sampler sells boxes of samples- bath items, candles, etc.  You never know what you're going to get but they're supposed to be great!

Brown Paper Packages is giving away a $100 GC to Hot Mama!  They make some fantastic looking personalized jewelry!

MudBug is offering up a Bumbleride Indie stroller!  I'd love to get one of these- the 3 wheel stroller has become VERY appealing now that we struggle with the 4 wheels because someone grows HEAVY!

DIY is offering up 10 amazing handmade items or GCs to stores selling handmade items!  This is an ongoing giveaway- the sign up takes place over almost a month with daily entries!

Tinahdee is giving away one of her fabulous handmade rings or bracelets- you decide which when you sign up for this one!

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  1. Wow! Holy giveaway alerts! Thanks so much for including mine - now I'm off to check out some others! :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving week!