Monday, November 23, 2009

LOTS more giveaways from Born2Impress!

Toucan Tree Puzzle: An ImagiPLAY painted wooden puzzle.  The company uses eco-friendly sources!

Holey Donuts: As I mentioned in my previous MommyPR post, Holey Donuts makes low-fat donuts, something you don't find at Dunkin' Donuts!

Personalized holiday gift Frecklebox makes personalized items like puzzles and books.

Crystal Nail Files Classy Nail Files makes highly-tempered glass nail files with cute little pictures or colors swatches on them.

Tote Bag  Bored, Inc. has a full line of tongue-in-cheek kids' clothes and totes.

Surprise Giftbox Personalized Parcels offers theme gifts, the specifics of which are a surprise.  Themes range from "Birthday" to "Animal Arrival" to "Family Fun" to "Special Spouse Surprise!"

Baby Blanket Neige Children's Clothes is giving away a fantastically soft looking blanket!

Novelty Tshirt  Crazy Dog Tshirts has great selection of fun shirts with images like 80's TV shows and movies, cute/snarky sayings and even somewhat crass commentary.

Wallet  All-ETT makes exceptionally thin wallets

Creative Kit for Kids Faber Castel makes a whole range of great creative kits for kids.  They're giving away 5 kits with Born2 Impress: Wee Enchanted Garden, Shrinky Dinks (YES, Shrinky Dinks!) Holiday Fun, Beaded Snowflake Ornament Set, Mini Window Sill Garden (complete with gnome from the look of it!) and Monster Trucks Custom Shop.

Magnetic Game  The playing pieces in Jishaku are made of hematite which is naturally magnetic.  That makes placing your piece and the affect it has on neighboring pieces an interesting twist to any version of  play you decide to use this game for!

Frosty the Snowman Directly from Build-a-Bear, a completed, musical snowman!

Talking 1st Aid Kit  Intelligent First Aid has made 1st aid kits not only useful to have, but even helpful- they actually talk you through delivering 1st aid based on the type of emergency you're facing!

Shawl  Nimli Organic Clothing Company is giving away a Azuri Cashmere Pashimina Shawl in black.

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