Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gooseberry Patch... Big fan!

Gooseberry Patch is a nifty company that carries a fantastic amount of kitchen items with a country theme.  They have old style cookie cutters, dishes, cloth items, mixes, the whole lot! 

However, what I know them the most for is their huge number of cookbooks.  I recently bought several of their small books including "Country Friends® Merry Mixes" and "Country Friends® Merry Mixes II."  I thought these would be ideal for Christmas since this year more of our gifts will be homemade due to budget reasons.  I found a great recipe for a moccachino mix that my husband gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to.  I'll be trying the hot chocolate and a few other drink mixes that will go into glass containers and be given as a set or as stocking stuffers.  There are also bread, cookie, and soup mix recipes that I can't wait to try! 

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