Friday, November 6, 2009

All a Little Crazy

I missed putting anything up lately because it's all been, as you might guess, a little crazy.  Liam's recovering from his run-in (literally) with the sliding glass door track and the resulting trip to the ER to glue his forehead closed.  Soon after that, I decided to try to give blood again.  After 2 nurses spent 30min trying on both of my arms, they pretty much dismissed me, one suggesting that I don't come back unless I'm sure it'll go well because it causes them to have paperwork to fill out and take a "ding" against their successes for the day.  Excuse me for trying and for prepping by drinking 90oz. of fluid before I came in!  I ended up icing my arms for 4 hours, still have bruises about 3" in diameter on both arms 5 days later and it's the first day neither forearm aches from "bruised veins" (I didn't even know about that!).  Then, to top it all off, I had a massive allergic reaction to something (not sure what) starting Monday night.  By Tue. morning, half of my face and neck was red and swollen with hives.  Today is again the first day where I'm starting to get back to normal though my neck is still a red mess.  Really.  That's enough. 

So, next post... the good stuff.  :)

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