Monday, September 12, 2011

Where ya been?!

You may be asking yourself that about me.  Then again, since it's only been 2 days, you may not.  I'll guess the latter actually.  However, whether or not you're interested, I'll give you an idea.  This time of year I get crazy cravings for fall- cool air, crisp breezes, fall colors, sweatshirts and jeans.  Of course, this year I have to smack myself on the head to remind myself that I live in NC and none of that will really happen for another month though these 85deg days are an improvement over this summer.  However, what it all really means is that I have a crafting frenzy come upon me and this year it hit me bad. So far we have
  1. The Halloween banner last week
  2. The conversion of a tshirt my husband gave me over a year ago- he wanted short sleeve instead of long (not crafty but had to be done since I found it!)
  3. More non-craft but MUST BE DONE: Hemming up a pair of jeans I bought LAST summer...yep, they've been languishing for over a year.   I'm not a seamstress by ANY stretch and doing things like cutting off 6" of a pair of relatively expensive pants stresses me out a bit... so I don't do it quickly.  Why buy them?  Because I tell myself this will be the time I'll hem them with no reservations.  Uh huh.  Sure Jen.  You keep telling yourself that.
  4. The continuation towards completion this week (I hope) of a Halloween project I started a few years ago.  Yeah.  A few.  Like... 6 or 7 probably.  Yeah.  It's bad.  I do that- I start something, get bored, decide I don't want to sew anymore (Did I mention REALLY don't like sewing), whatever, and the project gets dropped for a year or 6.  And there's another part of it this project I started and can't even find.  *sigh*  This is the pattern the projects are from:
  5. A big pile of lightly felted sweater pieces on my table being turned into felt leaves.  I'd love to show you a picture but darn if I can lay hands on a camera right now.  I picked up a few wool sweaters at Good Will the other day and tried felting them in the wash.  1. Hmmm... put them in a tied up pillow case when washing so the PILES of lint that come off don't go down the waterways?  I wish I'd known that before I washed them 4x.  Hopefully it wasn't enough to foul up our washer lines!!!  2. Top-loading washer= good for felting.  Top-loading washer without the central spindle= not so good- there's not as much agitation= lightly felted.  Adding golf balls to the pillow cases before tying helps and didn't seem to bang around in the washer too much... I hope. 
These were sort of the inspiration for where I was going with this:

 So hopefully, once I finish this pile of goodies, I'll get back to papercrafting.  I just received a set of Unity stamps from Aletha over at The Crafter's Cafe.  My Halloween potion card was randomly picked for that challenge so I won a fab set of stamps AND I'll be a guest designer in Oct.  Whoo hoo!  My first GD position.  It may have been random but I'll take it!  I also signed up this evening to be a "Growing in Unity" featured designer in 2012.  I really need to start doing more of this - sticking my foot in the door because while no one's slamming it in my face (been there, felt that!), no one's going to hold it open if they don't even know I'm outside. 

Hope you're all having a good week!  I'll get some pix up when I've got some goodies to show and I can uncover a camera.


  1. thansk for your lovely comment on my blog :D

  2. I love your wreaths! Congrats on being a GDT and GIU gal in the near future. Thanks so much for stopping by during The Twinery's Design Team Blog Hop!