Monday, September 26, 2011

Another CKC project finished

I wrapped up my Prima "Get Your Grunge On: A Boy Album" project the other day.  Forgive the photos but they're very quick and dirty.

This whole project was foreign to me.  I've never really done a mini album, I scrap events- not photos, I don't do individual books about anything - just pages for the overall book, I journal everything since pretty much everything is event-based and therefore has something to be said about it, and as I'll say again, I really don't use flowers- ESPECIALLY for things about my son. 

Since this wasn't going to be a normal album, coming up with a theme was tough but I wanted to do it otherwise it would be another unfinished project sitting around collecting dust.  Flipping through photos, I realized that there were about 15 or so that I REALLY like and this would be a great place to collect those.  The colors that Prima gave us for the book worked really well with the photos and the flowers definitely grunged up nicely.


  1. Congrats for doing a mini album, I wouldn't have the guts. I'm also and event base scrapbooker, and try to fit a lot of photos onto one page so I don't have tons and tons of pages. This is a lovely book, sure to by treasured by your adorable son.

  2. The way the photos are grunged I don't think anyone would think they were girly. Anyway, the photos steal the scene!