Monday, September 5, 2011

Retro Rocket Baby

Last weekend at CKC, the October Afternoon "Rocket Age" line was HIGH on my shopping list.  I ended up finding a collection pack and snatched it up FAST.  What I can't believe is that I already cut into it.  This from a woman who's been hoarding papers from CKC LAST year until just recently.  Hooray me!  :)

I saw October Afternoon's Thur. sketch challenge and really liked it.  I considered the papers I had, thought of the Rocket Age ones and then remembered some older pictures of Boy.  Ok.  Truthfully?  These are from RIGHT before he turned one and they're the oldest pix of him I've ever scrapped.

Here's the sketch:

It's not a whole lot to turn into a 2pg spread but it just worked SO well to do so.  The only things that aren't from the OA line are the small star accents (I stamped stars from an SU wheel and cut them out) and the solids (red- SEI, blue- Bazzill).  I saved as much paper as possible by actually cutting the background papers to size and adhering them to a white 12x12 that's included in the album.  When you only have 2 sheets of each paper and you LOVE it,you waste NOTHING!  In fact, the meteor on the 2nd page and the astronomical chart in the top corner of the 1st were cut from the page that comes with the collection showing small pix of what's actually in the set.  In other words, I cut up the index page.  I'd never thought of it before but they were the perfect sizes and worked perfectly.  Like I said, I'm using this one VERY frugally. 

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  1. Your LO's are awesome. I love the idea of using the index page. I never thought to do that. Great Job. :)