Monday, June 22, 2015

GIU winners and questions answered

I wanted to thank all of you for dropping by last week and leaving me such positive, supportive comments. I appreciated each and every one of them. I responded to those of you that I could based on email addresses associated with your accounts. If I didn't, I wish I could have. There were a few questions that I couldn't answer and a few that several of you asked and I want to answer those all here to share the answers.

Day 1:Yes, the hubby really liked the beer card. :) To get the foam, I used a Versa marker to "wet" the foam area and covered it with white EP. I didn't try to be neat and I left some of the excess powder on the card instead of wiping it off. This became the bits of foam falling down the glass. I think I repeated this process 3x so the foam layer is pretty thick. Goosebumps is a spray that I've heard you can find at Michaels (I picked mine up a scrap show the other year.) The mist sits in bumps on your surface and dries that way. It's great for dewy mists or condensation. If I recall, it came in different colors but I just picked up the clear. You can see that I sprayed probably a bit close so it angled but I imagine if I'd done it from further back or from the top, it would have made drops. I did mask the background a bit so the Goosebumps were only on the glass and foam.
Goosebumps spray and embossed foam

Day 2: The otter fur was done by coloring it in little tiny lines, repeating them over and over with different shades of brown Copics, darker each time but with fewer lines and pushed out more to the far edges as I moved to darker shades.

Day 3: The glass was all colored with Copics. I tried to consider which colors would be overlapping one another and colored the overlap with the lighter color. Then I went back and used a lighter shade of the 2nd overlap color to add to the overlap area to get the mixed colors in the overlap. I hope that makes sense. When I talked about the refracted colors, I was referring to the colors that would fall on the table as light went through the glass. If these were solid instead of transparent, it would be the shadows they cast on the table. It would be similar to what you see on the table in this image.
Refracted light on the table

Day 4: The taco shell and nacho chip were also colored with Copics. Similar to the otter, I laid down the lightest color first and then dotted the next darker shade on top. I repeated with the next darker after that, and so on, adding fewer and fewer dots as I moved to darker shades.

Day 5: Putting the white paper behind the glass was simply an end result after trying several things to make the glass show up against the background. You know how that goes sometimes.  :)

If I've missed anything, please let me know. I'd be happy to answer any other questions.

And now. FINALLY! The moment you've all been waiting for.  My winners! Immi and Mary Holshouser, congratulations! If you could please send me your mailing information, I'll get it right over to Unity so they can get your prizes out to you. Thank you all for your comments last week!


  1. Just sent you my address. Tickled to see my name as one of the winnenrs.
    thanks for the gift. I enjoyed the posts this week.
    Got some great ideas.

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners. Thanks for sharing and for all the extra replies here. Hugz