Thursday, February 13, 2014

Opening Act Layout

I'm VERY overdue in finishing layouts about our 2011 Imagination Movers concert experience.  Of course, in the process of digging out what I needed to finish one of these layouts, I found 3 other projects that I've either started and wanted to finish or never started but really would like to get moving.  Of course, that's in addition to the Disney album and 100's of photos I haven't scrapped yet from lots of events but one thing at a time.  Movers.

I designed this one along the challenge lines set up by Write, Click, Scrapbook's Scrapolympics, Day 1.  I actually used a color palette and sketch shown in one of the samples though the color was a fluke.  I went digging through their site looking for a color palette I liked for these photos, selected one and just now, when putting this post together, realized it's the same one that Marnie used for the her page, using the same sketch I used.  Cue creepy music.

Aug. 2013 sketch:
Oct. 2013 Color Palette: 

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