Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

1. Did you watch the Superbowl?
Watching is a loose term.  I was in the same room where the TV was on and the Superbowl was showing.  Did I watch it?  No.  Did I pay attention to the Soduku game I was playing on the computer?  Yes?  Did I look up for the commercials?  Ocassionally.

2. What is the last book that you read?
A Song for Arbonne by Guy Gavriel Kay.   LOVE his stuff.

3. What is your favorite kind of cake?
Yeah.  Right.  One kind.  Chocolate w/ pb or fresh strawberry icing, pumpkin spice w/ caramel, tunnel of fudge, Kentucky Butter... As long as it's not out of a box, there's a good chance I'll like it.

4. Do you snore?
Unfortunately.  I REALLY gotta lose this weight!

5. Do you play an instrument?
I had to take piano lessons as a kid.  Hated them (hated the music assigned to me at lessons the most.)  I wish now I remembered how to play but I also know, accept and even agree with the reasons I quit.


  1. stopping by from MMOM
    i also sort of watched the superbowl. as in, it was on the tv and that's about it.

  2. Hello!
    Coming to you from MMOM. Most of us doing the blog hop didn't/don't watch the Superbowl, I didn't because I'm in the UK but it is portrayed as something everyone in the US watches so its interesting to know thats not quite accurate!
    If you have a few spare minutes please pop by say and Hi.
    Helen x

  3. Just stopping by from the blog hop.
    I too wasn't able to choose only one cake. I've never tried a cake with pumpkin in it. I might have to find a recipe to give it a try. Anything to get my kids to eat more veggies!
    Have a great week!

  4. Stopping by for MMM.
    I'm kinda the same way with cake...not met many I wouldn't eat again! haha

  5. I don't want to tempt you, but I have been sharing my carrot cake recipe with people from MMOM
    enjoyed your answers

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  7. A LOT of people took piano lessons as kids! WOw! I didn't. :(

    I played, too! :D Sorry I'm late. :( Been a crazy week.

    Rebecca at