Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Organization Boot Camp- 5.1

Scrappily Ever After's Organizational Boot Camp this week has us cleaning up our rubber stamps.  This is where I'm starting.  Each shelf has a different theme- floral/nature, Christmas, Sentiments, Party/Celebrations, Everything else Backgrounds/Easter/Halloween

I keep my unmounted stamps in a binder.

I think at this point, all I really want to do is better label the shelves.  I'd love to get an index of all of the sets but I'm also realistic.  Unmounting everything also sounds great but again, not realistic right now.

2/3 comment:
I think I just looked up something like "unmounted rubber stamp storage" online and found the solid white hard-plastic pages. The first set of stamps there is on a clear plastic page- they actually came on it as did the smaller set you can see through it. The only problem is that sometimes the acrylic stamps won't stick to the pages well and they actually fall off of them when you turn the pages. In the back, I used a 3-hole binder page that probably is meant to hold 9 baseball cards in a 3x3 arrangement.  I keep my little $1 spot types of acrylic stamps in those- they work REALLY well for that.  Just keep the backing paper on them so you can easily double side it.

Overall, I do like the binder since they're all right there. If I had more, it may not work so well since they're not really organized. by any theme, just pretty much in the order I get them or where they fit.


  1. I like that binder. How did you put it together?

  2. My daughter is going to start the binder idea, she seen it on You Tube. Just gathering up the supplies, before she starts.

    It sounds and looks like a great idea, wish I heard about it before I unfortunately put all of mine in CD cases.

    Like the case organization overall but wish I had recorded the maker's of the stamps when I did it, for now I don't know where they are from.