Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 Organization Boot Camp- 5.2

Phoo- forgot to post this one.  One week to go in the Scrappily Ever After Organizational Boot Camp!  I didn't do a huge amount to my stamps since they're pretty close to "there."  I did put a small label on each shelf to make it easier to remember what's on each.  I also went through a few boxes of non-SU stamps and recombined them to sort them more appropriately.  I did the same with my wheels- I moved the boxes of them to the appropriate shelves rather than keeping them all together and I'm ordering a box for the loose ones on Friday.

This is the after-shot which looks a lot like the before though a bit neater.
Before:    After:

I did move a few things around in the unmounted stamps book also.  I originally had some Sizzix/etc. dies/embossing folders in the same book but I split them into separate notebooks to simplify life a bit.  No pix because hey, how exciting are the covers of 2 undecorated notebooks?  I mean, really.

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