Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pencil vase for teacher's gift

I've been making these for the past few years for teachers' gifts. The nice thing is that once the flowers we add die off, the vase makes a great pencil/pen/scissors holder. I was asked about making these the other day and I once again realized that I've never so much as taken a picture of one. I'm usually in such a rush to get them to the school I totally forget until I've dropped them off and of course, way too late at that point. This year, I got this! :)

I just get a straight-sided vase from The Dollar Tree and, as it turns out, 39 pencils. I use my hot glue gun on the high temp since I don't think the low temp would stay liquid for long enough. As it is, I only put a squiggle of hot glue wide enough for two pencils. Otherwise, I find I'm either scraping cooled glue off of the glass or remelting it with the tip of the glue gun and neither one is any fun.

The last pencil can be a bit iffy and unfortunately on this one, I found that I had way too much space for one pencil but not quite enough for two. In the end I went with two and one sits a bit on top of the two on either side. Last tip, I do my best to make sure that the writing doesn't show. I think it would look nice to have the writing facing out but doing it consistently while trying to quickly attach them to the glass isn't worth the effort.

Let me know if I missed anything!

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