Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get it on paper

My 6yr old doesn't listen to me.  Not a word.  I have to repeat instructions over and over.  He came home early yesterday because of snow.  He was off today.  I just found out he's out again tomorrow.  We got 1" of snow by the way.  I miss NJ and how they can deal with winter weather.  This up there is something you look at, shrug at and ignore because it's only one frickin' inch!  Here, it shuts down cities.  It shuts me in with a 6yr old who is driving me mad.  Better to put it on paper than to take it out on anyone.  I think I just found a reason for art journaling.  Today's Smeared & Smudged theme is to use a lay-around item for the background. 

  1. gessoed
  2. sprayed with Mr. Hueys (those buggers are a disaster if you haven't used them in a while!)
  3. decided that the drips that occurred because the bottle was clogged looked like lightning
  4. stamped circles on with 3 bottles (plastic seltzer, gesso, a glass water bottle that I got in the UK in 2004.  I still have the bloody thing!) and going grey/night of navy ink
  5. drew/colored a cloud with copics/#2 pencil/micron pens
  6. micron-outlined my lightning
  7. wrote my frustration out
  8. if it were later in the day and he was in bed, i'd add "went to have a large glass of some adult beverage"


  1. I love your page! Great background, and your cloud has so much dimension! I understand your frustration. I have a 5 year old son who doesn't listen either. *hugs* Thanks for playing along with us!

  2. ROTFL! I feel your pain frustration and can definitely see it in your work and I'm always happy to have a large glass of adult beverage. Maybe that's why I don't have kids. LOVE your page! xxD

  3. There´s pure hell coming out from that cloud :D The cloud looks really 3D. Lovely work!