Monday, January 27, 2014

A slightly different direction for the day

Smeared & Smudged is having a week-long "kick-start your art" challenge to create themed art-journal pages.  I don't art journal.  I'm not even a big fan of the mixed media trend.  However, I like the idea of trying something different and forcing myself to do something a bit creative every day.  So.  Out of my little box I pop.

Today's theme is: 3 PRIMARY COLOR DRIPS

Again, I'm not a mixed media artist so I figure it's more of a week to play with trying out techniques I generally don't use.  So (please forgive the curl- I haven't flattened it yet)

I laid down swipes of 4 TH stains on white paper (I don't have a book for this but I might bind the papers together at a later date).

I used clear EP to lay the SU Medallion stamp on top.
I dripped red, blue and yellow heavily watered down acrylic paints down the page from the top edge.
After dry, I wiped the paint off the medallion with a baby wipe (glad I kept a pack of those around!)
"it's time to pull back the curtain" was written with a large silver paint Sharpie and to make it a bit more legible, I wrote it again on top of the silver with a thin black Sharpie.


  1. Your page is gorgeous! It's awesome that you're stepping out of your comfort zone to try this. Thank you for joining us for our Kickstart Your Art Challenge!:)

  2. UMMM... are you kidding me!?! looks like Art journaling is in your blood. Fabulous page! I'm so totally jealous. xxD

  3. So glad you got your kick on! This is an amazing page. Wonderful idea to emboss the Medallion. Looking to seeing more from you this week Jengd.

  4. Very beautiful! You have taken to it like a fish in water!

  5. don't agree with you : you are a mixed-media artist !!! your page is awesome, I mean it !

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  7. Stay out of the box because your journal art is fabulous.
    Thanks for joining us and inspiring me!
    susan s