Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Me on Monday

Ok.  So I missed last week's MMoM post.  Sorry!  Been a bit crazy around here...

1. What is your favorite kind of potato chip?
Lays probably.  I'm not usually too picky about potato chips.  I do like Pringles on occasion but they're just kinda weird.

2. Do you make your bed everyday?
Since I was laid off, yep.  When we were scrambling to get the three of us out of the house before 7am and trying to make in home by 6pm, it just wasn't a big deal.  Now, it's not a big deal to straighten the sheet and comforter in the morning.

3. How often do you go to the hair salon?
hahahahaha!  I usually get a haircut about 3wks after it starts to bug me which means every 2-3mos.  I can't color my hair because I had a wicked reaction to the chemicals last time it was colored (if you're familiar with Two-Face from Batman, that was me for about a week back in November last year.  I'm not messing with it again!)  I am looking forward to trying henna this fall (once we stop going to the pool- I don't imagine henna gets along well with chlorine and I don't really want to test that theory!) which may increase those visits to once every month or two.

4. What do you dip your French fries in?
Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  As long as they have a bit of salt on them, it's all good.

5 Do you shop with coupons?
As frequently as possible.  Enough that I annoy myself actually.

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  1. haa i have had that same reaction! I did a color a few months back and it was green omg a wreck!

    MCds fries are the best!

    I agree on coupons too lol i like them but i hate having to search though my purse for one to only find out it expired 24 hours ago lol