Friday, February 12, 2016

Hubby's Birthday Card

Then of course there's the hubby's bday card. This one I flat out like. We're all into the Marvel superhero movies that have been coming out and DH is SO psyched that we can go catch Deadpool tomorrow night (Yay well-timed TKD Movie Night that will keep the monster entertained for a few hours so we can do our thing!)

I needed a card for him and one of Papertrey Ink's 9th Anniversary challenges was to use nine 1.5" squares on a 5.5x5.5" card front, each decorated differently. Voila!



  1. This is fantastic! Great design and a terrific lesson on onomatopoeia! Fabulously done, Jen!

  2. This is so cool - what a great job with the challenge!

  3. Love this, you are right, it screams superheroes! Great job.