Sunday, April 19, 2015

Remainder of 30 Day Color Challenge

So you may all be thinking to yourselves, oh look, she did it again.  Started something. Vanished.  Didn't finish.  Well, sometimes, many times, you'd be right.  I definitely have a pile of unfinished projects.  My 7yr old gets his "quickly bored, time-to-move-to-the-next-thing" personality from someone and it isn't the hubby.  HOWEVER!  In this case you'd be wrong I'm pleased to say.  I found out that Kathy preferred having our pieces posted on Instagram so while I did get them posted there, I never checked back in here- I was just happy to get a piece a day done.  While I haven't gotten them mounted onto cards yet, I have trimmed the ones that needed to be and here's the full compilation of what I did in 30 days.

I enjoyed it so much I actually went out and picked up a few new Copic markers and I'm looking forward to Kathy's next run of this in June.

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