Saturday, August 25, 2012

A break from our normally scheduled program for... pudding!

Howdy y'all! (I spent 4 years in TX.  I just had to say it once.) As you well know, I pretty much have a papercrafting blog here, occasionally interrupted by something else.  Well, recently I joined a ConAgra group that gets to do a few taste tests of upcoming foods so I'll be dropping a post here and there onto ye ol' blog about some of the yummies I get to try.  These won't be taking over the normal programming in the slightest- just an extra here and there.

I have to say, my first "First Taste" was a good one- chocolate pudding!  Yay!  They're releasing a new line of pudding cups- Bakery Shop flavors.  There's Chocolate Cupcake, Apple Pie a la Mode, Sugar Cookie, Banana Cream and Lemon Meringue Pie.  I received Chocolate Cupcake with high hopes.  It has a nice creamy looking layer above the chocolate layer and a great consistency.  That said, I shared it with the hubby and we both had the same opinion... chocolate pudding.  We didn't get too much "cupcake" from it but it was good chocolate pudding.  As for the 5yr old, he was just happy to wolf down chocolate pudding, cupcake or no.

There are a few things I really like to read about this regardless of flavor: .  every serving of Snack Pack Pudding has 30% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium, fortified with as much as an 8 oz. glass of milk.

So, my final review, The Snack Pack Chocolate Cupcake pudding- good chocolate pudding that's not all-together bad for you.  However, if you're just looking for a great cupcake flavor, this isn't it.

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