Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wedding party invites

This may not be my favorite card in the world but the "customer" decided on the look so we're all good.  My cousin is getting married this month and my mother and aunt are going to have a bit of a post-wedding party a few weeks later for the newlyweds knowing they wouldn't have one otherwise.  I volunteered to make the invites and sent several examples of what I thought would be nice (everything was beach-related because the couple wants to move to FL soon.)  However, my aunt wanted to go in a different direction and while they're beachy, they're not where I would have gone.  And hey.  That's ok.  Not my party.  :)  Sorry for the bad photo but I haven't been able to get a good one of this card.  This is my best one but it meant sitting in direct sunlight and getting hard shadows.

The short ingredient list:
Stamps: (Best Blossoms) Stampin' Up, (Party Invite) Stampendous
Cardstock & Ink: Stampin' Up