Thursday, January 12, 2012

They Might Be Giants LO

OK.  2nd "not my favorite" post of the day but I'm THRILLED to have this one done finally.  These photos and papers have been in my "to-do" pile since, yeah, wait for it, July.  Seriously.  I actually took it all to CKC with me to do at the scrap.  Obviously THAT didn't happen.  Last night I decided that they just HAD to be done and now they are.  YAY!

It all turned out a rather busy but that's ok because it kinda reflects the concert that way.  Somewhere along the way, completely unrelated to the concert, I received 2 sheets of TMBG stickers so I stuck some on the page and the rest to cardstock that I then cut out and pop-dotted on top of the first ones.  The confetti was some of the what was shot from confetti canons at the concert (there's actually a confetti photo behind the title.)   I tried to do a glitter rub-on of a guitar in the top right corner but it didn't go so well- the solid drum in the bottom left corner worked MUCH better.  Finally, the journaling is on a strip of vellum.  White or colored paper was too obvious.

Cardstock: (Black) Stampin' Up, (Purple) ?
Print paper: (Numbers) ?
Misc: Rub-ons & guitar tag: Piggy Tales

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