Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting back on track

Well, my MIL is gone so now I'm in recovery time.  Between the time we were at her house and she was here, it was 13 days and let's face it, when you travel and have company, normal chores and cleaning just don't happen so it's taking me a few days to get all of the cogs moving again.  I have some scrap and card projects I want and need (Mother's Day is WHEN?!!!) to get done but I think the earliest that will happen is tonight.  In the meantime, since there was no Meet Me on Monday this week, I thought I'd drop out "5 things you probably don't know about me" for giggles.

Let's see.
1. I have a master's degree in computer animation and graphics.  I have quite a few friends at little animation shops like Pixar and Dreamworks.  I never ended up getting into the field even after 4 years in grad school due to some bad timing, a few bad decisions and such.  In the end, I think I may be happy having a life instead.  :)

2. I HATE chocolate chips cookies... but love liver and tuna casserole.  Don't ask me.  I don't get it either. (Just to clarify, that's liver (no onions please) one night and tuna casserole a whole different evening.  I agree- the thought of a liver and tuna casserole turns my stomach too!)

3. I just can't give up my 80's music.

4. When I first saw stamped cards, I thought they were so disgustingly "country-cute" and couldn't figure out why anyone would spend time or money doing something so cheap looking.  Of course, I eventually learned there are LOTS of stamps out there there aren't country, cute or cheap.  We won't discuss how many of those stamps sets I have on my shelves.

5. I LOVE a cool, windy, fall day when I can wear shorts or jeans and a great big sweatshirt.  A day like that just has a unique feel to it.  I REALLY dislike hot days.  North Carolina living is going to be rough this summer.


  1. I wish you luck on getting back in the "groove" of things! I know it's hard! Liver and Tuna Casserole?!?!?! Interesting! lol!

  2. Seriously, nix on choc. chips, but you like liver & tuna casserole? Is that liver & tuna together or liver casserole (okay, that just makes me queezy) & tuna casserole (I do like that). You need to do some explaining, please! We are having hot, windy days here in the AZ desert. Believe me, you wouldn't like that!

  3. Ewe Liver and tuna? ... lol

    Good luck getting back into the groove of things:)

  4. Oh by the way I am also a new follower:)