Monday, December 27, 2010

Been a bit longer...

but I'm still alive.  The munchkin is in school.  I'm still trying to find a circle of new friends to even come near to the group of ones I've left behind and desperately miss on a daily basis.  I know it takes a while but ouch.  We survived Christmas.  We were going to host but MIL couldn't take any time off this year so we went to visit again.  DS is 3 1/2, this was his 4th Christmas and we still haven't had one at home with him.  Next year, we stay.

In any case, the real reason I FINALLY got back to this is that I just HAVE to share something with you.  Last Monday night, I decided I needed to order myself a Sally Jean necklace.  If you haven't seen these, take a half hour or so and dig around her site.  Great, fun, snarky things there that I love.  I actually stumbled onto the site a few years ago when doing some packaging research for MyM&M's and have checked back in every once and a while to see what's going on.  For some reason, last week I was looking at Sally Jean's and decided that I needed to get some of her things for personal inspiration, AKA a kick in the pants.  While the site said it would be 2-3wks to ship, the two pieces I ordered actually shipped a day or two later and were here waiting for me today when we got back from our trip.  They could have been here Fri. for all I know.   However, the thing that really got me was the packaging.  The outer mailer was your typical small padded envelope bag.  But get a load of what I found inside:

I just had to share.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and your New Year is bright!

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