Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Me on Monday

I imagine there will be a week when I again post a "Meet Me on Monday" on Monday, I just don't know when.

1. What is your favorite all time movie?
You should know me well enough by now to know there's no ONE answer to a question like this.  There's the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Ring trilogy, Love Actually, Beautiful Girls, The Nightmare Before Christmas...

2. How often do you go over the speed limit?
If I'm highway driving, daily.  If I'm just on the backstreets and in the neighborhood, pretty much not at all.

3. What really gives you the creeps?
Worms.  I hate worms.  I don't know why, I know they're ultra-valuable and life would pretty much end if they weren't around but I hate worms.  They creep me out to no end and one day, I'm sure I'm going have to talk to a little boy about why he can't wave or throw worms at mommy.

4. What is your favorite snack?
I'm just not picky.  Anything sweet, many things salty, occasional healthy items.

5. Would you rather be a dog named Killer or a cat named Fluffy?
Fluffy sounds pampered and taken care of in a soft life.  Killer sounds like he was raised to be intimidating and spends a lot of time outside in the rain.  What do you think?

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