Monday, May 17, 2010

Why I'm addicted to giveaways

I'd love to get off of the computer more but I've found that I have a wee bit of an addiction to entering giveaways. It's probably because I've won so much fantabulous stuff since July '09 when I discovered the joys of blogs and blog giveaways. I really don't enter every giveaway by any stretch- only those that I really know I'd use the prizes from but that still covers a lot of ground. I'm not going to mention everything I've won (there's been about 80 or so to date) but some of the highlights have been:

From MommyPR: I LOVE these ladies and their site!!!
  • Bonz Band: I wanted this for me as much as for my 2yr old! I've collected Bonz and other Zolo "blocks" for years now.
  • Leapfrog Tag, Jr. I was on the verge of buying one so the win was awesome!
  • A slew of Sleeping Bear Press books (K is for Kabuki, G is for Garden State, A New Jersey Alphabet, The Listeners, The Gift of the Inuksuk, and one of 2 St. Patrick's Day- related books)
  • A Cafe Press Christmas ornament that I customized with my son's 2009 Santa picture
  • Pressman Toys' Silly Socks game
  • Rosebud Night Cream
  • A sampler pack of Fields Organics cleaners
  • Tropical Traditions non-chlorine bleach (we're just trying this since we've finished the latest tub of Oxi)
  • Several kids' CDs (Joannie Leeds, Roger Day, Ranky Tanky, Princess Katie & Racer Steve)
  • A Suite Ta Bu soap that looks like a popsicle
  • A kid's Power Cape (can't WAIT to see the boy in this one!)

From Sweet Greens:
  • A huge pack of Yogachips
  • 3pcs from Andrew's Reclaimed Wood etsy shop (bee house, soap dish and a planter)
  • A SODA STREAM (all caps because this is VERY cool and I LOVE it!)

From Babes & Kids:
  • A GC towards Campus Quilts. We still put some $ into this one but we got back something VERY nice that my husband loves and the boy can't live without!)

From The Most Travelled Mom:
  • A tiffin container that my husband thinks is just the coolest lunchbox he's seen
  • A pair of Dockers

From Living Smart Girl:
  • Yoga2Go.

From A Bittersweet Existence
  • Snack Taxis. I'd been trying to win these for months so I was really psyched to finally win some!
  • Space Bags (the nice, big cubes!)
  • A really nice delta kite from Into the Wind (we took it out for an inaugural flight Saturday)

Other great things:
  • Chubby Cheeks Thinks: Today I just found out that I won her "Dr. Hess Udder Ointment" giveaway which equals 4 tubes of awesome flavored lip balms, a "baby butt cream" and an ointment for soothing sore, dry skin... YEA!
  • Holley's Hobbies: $25 for a Stampin' Up purchase
  • Vanilla Joy: A Word World DVD
  • Today's Giveaway: $25 GC for Goblin Kids
  • Get Together Ideas: Personalized frog hooded towel
  • Positively Perfect Party: Custom cupcake wrappers and picks

The biggest win was by far the biggest surprise. 8 blogs/bloggers (,,,,, 3garnetsn2sapphires,, got together to do a Back2School giveaway in the late summer/early fall. There were 2 giveaway "sets" a day for 2 weeks and I not only won a daily prize but I won the Grand Prize in the end which included a $400 GC for I was thrilled because I received notice I'd won the Monday after I'd been laid off! Some of the other great stuff in the prize was a pair of See Kai Run shoes, a child-sized rolling suitcase (Stephen Joseph), a huge set of Carolina Pads, 2 Envirosax bags, a Happy Green Bee hoodie, a set of ruffle pants from Doodle & Goo, a very cool collapsible market tote from Suzi Homemaker, and more.

And the list goes on.  Winning these things has been great because most items are useful and some have been great samples to essentially test-drive an item.  For instance, I'd seen the SodaStream on TV and thought it looked interesting but I wasn't going to spend $100 on a soda machine I knew nothing about.  After using it for a while (and there is a nice cold glass of very low-cal root beer sitting by me now), we just got one for my parents.  And THAT is why I'm a bit addicted.  I have found the addiction is thankfully wearing off somewhat (it can be a bit time-consuming) but I definitely still keep my eyes open for giveaways and sites that look interesting.

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