Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recent Projects

I just thought I’d post a few photos of what I’ve been up to lately on the crafty side of life.

There’s the sand-toy project that is meeting with mediocre success. I thought painting with acrylics and putting on 2 layers of acrylic sealer would keep the paint on but both the paint AND the sealer are peeling off as you can see by the lack of "red fish lips”. The next tries will involve lightly sanding the bucket, applying a plastic primer (once I get some) and THEN painting and sealing the whole mess. I really liked what I had but it can be recreated (though have it peel apart does make me a bit more bitter about spilling the open bottle of red paint on my khaki capris and beige carpet… the carpet survived, the capris not so much even with ammonia, salt and detergent and then an EXTENSIVE oxi bath.  Bummer.)

Next, I’m essentially plastic-canvasing 30 Marylands for a Grange association near my parents. From what I understand, they’re going to be used as Christmas ornaments. These still need to be outlined, stitched with “MD”, and trimmed.  They wouldn’t be such a bloody pain but I ended up getting 14ct plastic “linen” with little round holes rather than the square ones on normal plastic canvas (I didn't realize that 14ct canvas was difficult to find in stores). Trying to get a needle with 6 strands of embroidery floss through the little holes gets tedious. Oh well. The work can easily be done in front of the TV or in the car so they’ll make for a bit of extra spending $ at CKC in July. I’m certainly not getting $ worth the time going into them but stitchery projects never do.

No pictures for this yet but I’m also working on a stack of cards of varying themes (sympathy to kid’s bday to Christmas) for a friend of mine. I give her a stack every year for HER birthday because she’s one of the few people I know who TRULY appreciates them. She frequently tells me through the year how much she liked sending a card to an uncle or someone who just lost someone or whatever and I appreciate that SHE

Of course, there’s also the invites/thank you’s I need to do for the Boy’s bday parties (yep, we’re having 2- one for his day playgroup friends and their moms, one for his weekly evening playgroup friends, their parents, appreciates them.
and our family. It’s maybe not the direction I wanted to go in but it’s SO much saner than the alternative!)

And then there’s the eternal pile of jewelry projects… fixing a friend’s broken necklaces, trying some new interchangeable beaded watch bands. glass marble necklaces, scrabble tile necklaces, Shrinky Dink anythings, a Stampin’ Up Simply Adorned piece I’d like to do for myself… and the list goes on.

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