Monday, March 15, 2010

Temporal Thermometer Giveaways!

When my son managed to land himself in the E.R. last year on Super Bowl Sunday evening (it was at least empty at that time!), the nurse who took his temperature used a small device that he just swept over L's forehead.  I was blown away that it took his temp accurately in a matter of seconds!  We've been using a digital thermometer that while quick, gives readings several degrees off of one another within a minute!  It turns out that these thermometers are becoming available to us in many stores (~$30-50) and there are several sites giving away Exergen Temporal Theremometers right now  From my experience, these are definitely giveaways worth checking out!!  (btw- My son was fine- he was just dealing with a go-home bout of RSS.)

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The Legacy of the Home
The Suburban Jungle
Today's Giveaway

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