Monday, March 15, 2010

UPDATE 3/22- Still MORE giveaways added! Spring Cleaning Giveaway Event!

A Bittersweet Existence and There's No Snakes in New Zealand have put together an absolutely ROCKIN' giveaway in honor of SPRING CLEANING (hey, Spring Cleaning has to be glamorous somehow!)
The giveaways end in a range of dates from Mar. 22-29.

The giveaways are:
Post-its pack- a variety of Post-its for organizing your everything!

Rubbermaid Junk Drawer Organizer- interlocking containers for the junk drawer we all have! (Come on!  Don't deny it!  It really could use a could clean out couldn't it?)

SKOY cloth- a reusable, washable cloth to replace our dependence on the paper towel (whoo hoo!  Less in the landfill... and a little sexier than the rags of tshirts we use at our house!)

A Clean Happens natural cleaners starter pack- a great variety pack of cleaning supplies made with all-natural ingredients rather than the typical chemicals found in most cleaners (imagine a world with no child-proof locks!)

A Haan Steam Cleaner- The Haan cleaner you can use anywhere and everywhere (I told you it was ROCKIN'!)

Knock Knock Note Pads- Knock Knock is a company with a bit of a wicked sense of humor.  Take a look at their site for an idea of how far it can go.  Their items range from sticky pads and filing folders to shopping bags to baby shower and kids' bingo cards, all with a tongue in cheek approach to life.

Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit:  I'm not overly familiar with Shaklee's cleaning supplies but I'm willing to give green cleaners a try and this is a doozy of a starter kit!

Chef'n SleekStorTM Colander- What's better to save space than something that's generally large but can collapse?  Chef'n has a silicone colander that has not only folding legs but a collapsible bowl.  I personally really like my other silicone kitchen tools and I think this is a brilliant idea!

A Hoover Carpet Cleaner- A Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner, also for anywhere and everywhere! (I told you it was ABSOLUTELY ROCKIN'!)

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