Thursday, March 5, 2015

Coloring Challenge- Day 2 Angel Gal

So I've had a set of SCACD stamps for more than a while now.  I actually won them over at Craft Test Dummies but I've never used them.  I think I just didn't have anyone of an appropriate age to send the images to.  However, now that I know lots of girls approaching tween years quickly, I figured it would be better to break them out than get rid of them.  This is my favorite one.  I definitely got her skin a bit too pink (I knew I should have stopped twiddling with it!) and I really need to take a skin and hair class over at Kit and Clowder but for not usually doing people, I'm rather pleased with her.  When I go to use her, I'll trim her out entirely- for whatever reason, when I stamped her and a bunch of other images I want to color, the ink went on blotchy or the stamp slipped and I got double images. Blarf.

I mostly tried to use my distress markers to color this just to get them out and use them.  However, when it came to skin, I switched over to colored pencils.

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  1. She is very cool happy to have found you thru the 30 day <3