Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Day of School LO

If you thought I fell off the earth before, I imagine you're sure of it now.  Yep. I haven't really done a crafty thing in months.  I thought I was getting back into it in June... apparently not.  I'm feeling it a bit more now and this time I actually made something that I didn't have to.  Hopefully that's a good sign that I'm heading back down a crafty path.  The little one is now in kindergarten, TaeKwanDo is simply a part of my life, and while I'm volunteering at munchkin's school, I'm not over-doing it.  That should allow me enough time to get done the things I have to do around the house and still get done a bit of memory-keeping and decor-making.  I'm not sure my hubby agrees but I actually consider those to be part of my role in our household.  I'd like our house to look nice and seasonal, something the hubster enjoys when he arrives home after a long day, and I'd like my son to have scrapbooks to look back on in years to come to help him remember the things he did through his life.  I have a photo album from when I was a kid but some of the pages are just that- photos with no remembered story associated with them any longer.  The scrapbooks take care of that.

Ok.  Now that I've bored you to tears on our first reunion in months, let me share with you what it is that's kicked off of this off again.  I usually don't scrap the most recent events but I was in the mood to get Boy's first day of school photos to paper for some reason. 

DSP: October Afternoon

CS: Stampin' Up
Brads: Basic Grey
Accent cards: October Afternoon & "antique" alphabet flashcard
Thickers: American Crafts

Crafting by Designs: Back to School

Apron Strings: Back to School sketch (I went REALLY loose on the sketch)


  1. Hurray Jen for getting some crafty time. We all need it. And I for one don't give it the time it should get because it truly feeds me whether I am knitting (the bane of my existence) or scrapbooking.

    Hope to see more from you. Hint, hint. ;D

  2. This is so adorable! What a great layout :-)

  3. Aww! How cute they are at that age :D
    Thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet comments on my little forest disaster here at my house! I'm trying to be positive but well, it's pretty hard at the moment. I'm staying open minded until all the work is done and I can see the total damage... then DH and I will decide if we are going to stay here or move... I know, I know, moving is not high on my list but if this is all an omen of things yet to come we might have no other choice *Sigh*
    thanks for always caring when disaster hits my life... you are a sweet friend!!!

  4. Absolutely these photos as well as the cool embellishments! How nice that your son will have these memories to look back on....well, maybe his wife and kids will enjoy them more!!!