Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm still here!

Hey all!  I hope your holidays were fantastic and you were able to experience and enjoy them.  The whole month of Dec. was a complete blur here but Christmas week itself slowed down a bit and I was able to actually "be there" for it as opposed to just watching it rush by.

I just wanted to put up a quick post to let you know I'm alive and more-or-less well.  Our parents came in town for a week at Christmas so I didn't get much crafting done in the latter part of the month since it was all about cooking, cleaning and entertaining.  Right after that we had a few days to recover and then it was a mad rush of New Year's, cleanup, undecorating and packing.  Normally the decorations would have lasted a bit longer but we didn't want to leave the tree up while we were out of town so it came down.  We actually just returned from our trip this morning and this is the main reason I haven't crafted anything SINCE Christmas:
We headed south last Friday and were on the road for a week.  We managed to do all 4 parks in 5 days with a repeat of Magic Kingdom yesterday morning.  We also visited with relatives two separate evenings, spent time in the hotel pool and went to Downtown Disney twice.  We're cooked.  And now I'm trying to sort and clean out the junk from the 1200+ photos I took in the week we were on the road.  I'm going to an all-day scrap next Sat. so I'm hoping to start working on my pages then which means I need to get some of the photos uploaded and printed.  Ugh.  Add on top of that my ucky pre-Christmas cough that finally landed me at the doctor today and got me some "knock you silly" cough syrup and I need a vacation from my vacation.  :)  Overall though, we had a blast and we'll likely be going back sooner than we'd planned originally.

Anywho.  Just wanted to say "hi" and I'll be sharing some projects in the near future now that things will be getting "normal" around here soon.

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