Monday, September 10, 2012

Poisoned Peas Please! Steampunk Inspiration

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!
This month over at Poisoned Peas Please!, we're using Simply Betty stamps for our Steampunk challenge.

I chose Betty's "Child of Morella" image after figuring out who Morella is.  Turns out she's "a" character in a very short Edgar Allan Poe poem.  It's a 10 minute read if you want to have a looksee.  She appealed to me because 1. I liked the image (THAT was easy!), 2. I'm from MD and Poe was a Baltimore boy so there's that whole thing and 3. I've just always liked Poe.  Of course, there was the high school English teacher that read "The Raven" to us in a dark classroom, reading by flashlight and periodically shining the light on a very realistic picture of a raven above the door.  I guess that helped too.  LOL.

In a very prosaic nutshell, Morella is a brilliant woman and has extensively read "forbidden and mystical writings."  Her husband, the narrator, at first thinks it's fascinating and then eventually is completely skeeved by it.  Morella dies giving birth to "the child of Morella" who dad never names.  She grows to adolescence VERY quickly and reminds dad hugely of mom.  When he has her baptized, for reasons he doesn't know, he calls her "Morella" and she immediately dies.  When he puts her in the family tomb, mom's no longer there- it's as if she were simply reborn as her own daughter.

Hey!  It's Poe.  What did you expect?  Sunshine and roses?  Well, maybe three roses mysteriously left on his grave but that's a whole different story.

Anywho.  I used the image on a heavily steampunk-embellished tag.
Note: The first image is my updated tag, the 2nd image was my original.

Thank you Betty for the chance to use some of your fantastic images.  Please join us in this challenge for YOUR chance to win some of these great images yourself!  The winner will receive their choice of 3 of these images:

Paper: (Kraft Glassine): Tim Holtz

Coloring: (Fired Brick, Black Soot, Vintage Photo): Tim Holtz, Copics, Watercolor pencils
Embellishments: (Pin, Clockface, Gears, Metal Flower, Flower die, Watch hand): Tim Holtz, (Typewriter key, Brads): ?, Watch parts, Vintage lace


  1. Wow, I love it, especially all the little rivets on the right side.

    PS. Congratulations! YOU WON MY CROCHET GIVEAWAY :D Send me your mailing address to kira (at) oopsicraftmypants (dot) com

  2. Wow! You really "punked" this one! It's aawesome! Thanks for hopping through my blog!
    Cissy (The Cissy and Fran Show ~ Unique Crafters Challenge Blog Hop)

  3. I love that image - and all your embellies are amazing. My style of crafting is definitely less 'involved', and I always admire those with the imagination to really punk it up. Ali x

  4. I love this Jen! I knew that you would enjoy this side of you! Great coloring and layout!