Monday, July 4, 2011

Land of Make Believe pages

Check me out!  3 pages in less than 24hrs!  Whoo HOO!  :)  I think I found something to get me a bit in a groove.  I have a lot of photos bagged up in Ziplocs by event.  I usually find a sketch, find the bag that will work with it (those 2 sometimes reverse), then find papers and accents for them and THEN scrap it then and there.  This time, I picked out 2 bags (events) of photos the other evening, picked out the papers and accents and the specific photos I wanted to use (I print out a bunch that I think are good but generally don't use all of them) and then set both stacks aside.  Last night when I found a sketch for the Halloween page and went to scrap it, it went pretty darn fast and today's definitely did.  Splitting the material search and the sketch/crop/put-together into 2 separate events seemed to help.  I was kinda trying it out before I go to CKC later this summer since I want to take a few pages for the evening scrap.  However, I'll definitely be doing some more of this to see if it keeps working for me. 

So.  Onto the spread.  Sorry for the crummy shots- too stormy here to get anything good today.


Paper: Cardstock: Stampin' Up, DSP: BoBunny
Accents: BoBunny, Gauche Alchemy (Punchinella aka Sequin waste)

Apron Strings: July 1: Out with Old, In with New.  Use your old summery stuff (I've had the BoBunny paper and accents hanging around for quite a while now waiting for the perfect summer use) and your newest metallic.  That 2nd part was hard because I don't use a lot of metallics.  I was going to sprinkle the suns with glitter and stumbled on something I got the other day from a Better Living Through Scrapbooking prize: Gauche Alchemy's Punchinella.  It's sequin waste and when a hole is trimmed out of a large orange piece, it makes a nifty sun.

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  1. Love the colors - and great way to think out of the box. The glitter is just the right touch. Thanks for playing hope to see your work some more.