Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

1. What is your favorite kind of muffin?
Oh jeez.  This is like so many other questions- there's no picking one.  There's raspberry muffins with ginger streusel, apple, great strawberry muffins, chocolate w/ chocolate chips...

2. What was the first car you ever owned?
A Bimini Blue Ford Tempo.  (That's not it in the photo but it's the exact same thing.)

3. Which TV Show were you sad to see end?

Hmm. There aren't a lot of shows I get into that last and I don't get tired of before they go the way of the dodo. The only one I can think of that I would have liked to have seen more of is "Dead Like Me." It was quirky, well cast, and had Mandy Patinkin going for it.  "Pushing Daisies" was also another fun one I was sorry to see go.

4. What is your lucky number?
I love Friday the 13ths.

5. Pretzels or Potato Chips?
No-buttered, lightly salted soft pretzels (though I like hard pretzels too) and potato chips (mmm... occasional crab chips.)  Side notes: My husband always says junk food from PA tastes the best.  When I was in elementary school, we took a field trip to the UTZ potato chip and Snyders' pretzel plants in Hanover, PA.  Watching that machine wrap the pretzels was pretty darn cool.


  1. I like the cranberry orange muffins from Costco, but they hardly ever have them any more. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Yummy! That picture of pretzels looks delish!

  3. I'm banana NUT muffin kinda girl!! I love the aroma that fills the air!!! Friday the 13th.. NO WAY!! I'm not superstitious( ?) , but not my fav day for sure. The pretzel.. yes, looks DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  4. soon as I saw your post, my stomach started growling in hunger. Who doesn't love muffins and pretzels!? Not so sure about that Friday the 13th thing, but you have next week to enjoy one!

    Now the REAL reason I stopped by your blog: TODAY is your lucky day, not next week! YES, YOU have been chosen by as the winner of my blog candy featured on the Mom's Day Hop. That's right, RANDY picked #1 (shocking, I know!!!) of my 37 comments, making finding that comment pretty easy!! YAY!

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    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey