Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Herre!

Ok.  Truth be told, I really hate that song by Nellie but since I also hate hot weather, these days, it seems SO appropriate.  Last week, I didn't take the Boy to the pool because it was too cool for it.  We stuck to the lake/beach and he played on the jungle gym.  Tomorrow, we were going to go check out Land of Make Believe and hope the water park area was enough to combat the 100 degree temps (at 10:30 this morning, my car thermometer registered 100, at 5:10 this afternoon, 104.  YUCK!).  However, since the ozone index is in the middle shade, a warning of unhealthy atmosphere, we're going to put it off a day, hide in the local pool and try again on later in the week when being on a few rides and in and out of the water won't be SO oppressive in the balmy 91 they're calling for.

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