Monday, April 26, 2010

MommyPR Giveaways

Some of the latest from the greatest...

Creativity for Kids: someone is going to win their choice of a Coloring and ARTivity Book, 12ct Jumbo Triangular Crayons and Jumbo Triangular GRIP crayons from Creativity for Kids.  (LOVE their stuff, especially the Shrinky Dinks!)

Bob the Builder: Heavy Duty Diggers DVD: While The Boy hasn't watch Bob the Builder yet, I've seen a few and it looks like a good show I wouldn't mind him getting into.  There are several Bob the Builder DVDs available for purchase.

Green Giant Prize Pack: Green Giant is showing it's green side (hardy har har har) and doing a prize pack with MommyPR.  The winner receives a reuable tote bag, a coupon for free veggies, a mini herb garden and an eco-friendly bamboo utensil set.  This one is worth a read just to see what Green Giant has done recently to help the environment- good stuff!

Ouchies, Jr. Adhesive Bandages: Ouchies has just released Olivia and Trucktown licensed bandages... cute stuff!  Definitely a hit with the toddler set!  The winner gets 2 tins of bandages of their choice.

CompanyKids: CompanyKids has a full line of eco-friendly kids' wear at reasonable prices.  The winner gets a T-shirt though I'm not sure if it's the lion shirt (CUTE) or choice.

PowerCapes: I have to say, I'm ALL OVER THIS ONE!  PowerCapes makes superhero wear (masks, capes, wristlets, the whole 9 yards) for kids and adults (think AWESOME Halloween!)  The capes can be customized with 1 of 7 emblems and the color of the cape, emblem AND initial are to choice and we're talking about 24 colors!  These just are so great in so many ways!  Oh, and if you kiddo has a favorite stuffed animal or doll that can't be put to the side, there are also customizable capes and masks for them.

Rubbermaid Modular Cannisters: Rubbermaid has put out a line of cannisters that are stackable... and they stack EVENLY so no more odd levels in the panty!  The winner gets a set of 4: 5, 10, 16 & 21 cup.

Scholastic Giggle, Giggle Quack DVD: Scholastic has a series of DVDs available which animate some of their most popular books and this is a sequel to the previous story, "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type."  I actually just got my son that book and it's a riot and I'd love to have a look at the DVD.

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